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[[Mare Nostrum]] [[Mare Nostrum]]
== FAQs == == FAQs ==

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Getting started with TAU

Using the TAU Compiler wrapper scripts

AMD Opteron NUMA Analysis

BlueGene PAPI Counter Analysis

Building NAMD2.6/Charm++ with TAU

PGI Accelerator Regions

POINT Live DVD TAU tutorial

Staring a performance regression

Development Guide: TauOverMrnet. What works, what does not

Platform specific guides




Mare Nostrum



How do I configure TAU with multiple hardware counters?

How do I find out which PAPI hardware counters my CPU allows?

I am having problems instrumenting Fortran Code, any suggestions?

Known Issues

Known limitation/issues in TAU

User Suggestions

A collection of suggestions on how to improve TAU


Applications (restricted)

Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base

Eugene Area

Information about Visiting

Adding Users (For Existing Users Only)

Create New Account

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