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[[Guide:Regression|Staring a performance regression]] [[Guide:Regression|Staring a performance regression]]
 +[[Development Guide: TauOverMrnet. What works, what does not]]
 +[[Guide:TAUGPU|Getting started profiling GPUs]]
 +[[Guide:TAUCrayOpenAcc|Getting started with Cray OpenACC compiler]]
 +[[Guide:TAUChapel|Chapel example]]
== Platform specific guides == == Platform specific guides ==
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[[Building_on_Jaguar|Jaguar]] [[Building_on_Jaguar|Jaguar]]
 +[[Mare Nostrum]]
== FAQs == == FAQs ==
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== Applications == == Applications ==
-[[:Category:Applications|Applications]] (restricted)+[[:Category:Showcase|Showcase Applications]]
 +[[:Category:Applications|Applications in development]] (restricted)
== Knowledge Base == == Knowledge Base ==

Current revision



Getting started with TAU

Using the TAU Compiler wrapper scripts

AMD Opteron NUMA Analysis

BlueGene PAPI Counter Analysis

Building NAMD2.6/Charm++ with TAU

PGI Accelerator Regions

POINT Live DVD TAU tutorial

Staring a performance regression

Development Guide: TauOverMrnet. What works, what does not

Getting started profiling GPUs

Getting started with Cray OpenACC compiler

Chapel example

Platform specific guides




Mare Nostrum



How do I configure TAU with multiple hardware counters?

How do I find out which PAPI hardware counters my CPU allows?

I am having problems instrumenting Fortran Code, any suggestions?

Known Issues

Known limitation/issues in TAU

User Suggestions

A collection of suggestions on how to improve TAU


Showcase Applications

Applications in development (restricted)

Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base

Eugene Area

Information about Visiting

Adding Users (For Existing Users Only)

Create New Account

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