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Instructions on how to build the TAU's MAC OS X distribution.

Simple use

./  ~/tau-2.22.2.tgz 2.22.2

This will create a new tau-2.22.2.dmg in this directory.

What this script actually does

This script will take a gzipped tarball, uncompress, configure and build TAU for the apple platform (PPC and Intel). It then takes this build of TAU and places it in /Applications/TAU/tau where all the Apple Apps. ( etc...) expect it to be. /Applications/TAU is then copied to a preallocated disk image which is compressed and written out to the file system as a *.dmg file.

!WARNING! This script uses /Applications/TAU as a staging area, files present in this directory could be lost.

!CAUTION! This script uses a preallocated disk partition of size 500MB. If in the future TAU's distribution exceeds this size a new partition will need to be created. This can be done with Apple's disk image utility. You will want to create a larger sparse disk image to replace this one:


How the installation works

The finished directory structure should look like this: {{{ / Applications / TAU /

                     tau /

}}} The only thing that changes between releases of TAU is the 'tau' directory everything remains unchanged. Jumpshop, ParaProf, PerfDMF_Configure, PerfExplorer, PerfExplorer_Configure are Mac native applications and are basicly wrappers for the shell scripts used under linux. is run each time one of these applications is run, it checks for the presence of 'inital_setup' if found it asks the user if the MAC shell path should be modified, then removes the 'inital_setup' file (this it only ask the first time someone launches an application). modifies the user's shell path to add the TAU binary directory to it.

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