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-= Instructions on how to build the TAU's MAC OS X distribution. = 
-= Simple use = 
- ./ ~/tau-2.22.2.tgz 2.22.2 
-This will create a new tau-2.22.2.dmg in this directory. 
-== What this script actually does == 
-This script will take a gzipped tarball, uncompress, configure and build TAU 
-for the apple platform (PPC and Intel). It then takes this build of TAU and 
-places it in /Applications/TAU/tau where all the Apple Apps. ( 
-etc...) expect it to be. /Applications/TAU is then copied to a preallocated disk 
-image which is compressed and written out to the file system as a *.dmg file. 
-!WARNING! This script uses /Applications/TAU as a staging area, files present in 
-this directory could be lost. 
-!CAUTION! This script uses a preallocated disk partition of size 500MB. If in 
-the future TAU's distribution exceeds this size a new partition will need to be 
-created. This can be done with Apple's disk image utility. You will want to 
-create a larger sparse disk image to replace this one: 
-== How the installation works == 
-The finished directory structure should look like this: 
- / Applications / TAU / 
- inital_setup 
- Jumpshot 
- ParaProf 
- PerfDMF_Configure 
- PerfExplorer 
- PerfExplorer_Configure 
- tau / 
- tauIcon.icns 
-The only thing that changes between releases of TAU is the 'tau' directory 
-everything remains unchanged. Jumpshop, ParaProf, PerfDMF_Configure, 
-PerfExplorer, PerfExplorer_Configure are Mac native applications and are basicly 
-wrappers for the shell scripts used under linux. 
- is run each time one of these applications is run, it checks for the 
-presence of 'inital_setup' if found it asks the user if the MAC shell path should be 
-modified, then removes the 'inital_setup' file (this it only ask the first time 
-someone launches an application). 
- modifies the user's shell path to add the TAU binary directory to 

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