Running jobs on Intrepid

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To run jobs on Intrepid, you simply use cqsub:

qsub -A Performance -n 4 --proccount 16 -q prod-devel -t 10 --mode vn --env TAU_PROFILE_FORMAT=merged:TAU_VERBOSE=1:BG_MAXALIGNEXP=-1 ./ring


To run interactively (on Intrepid):

isub -q prod-devel -t 60 -n 16 -A Performance

On Surveyor, use:

isub -t 60 -n 1 -A Performance

This will give you a new prompt eventually where you can run mpirun directly:

mpirun -nofree -env TAU_COMPENSATE=1 -n 1 ./simple

They say you have to free the partition with this command:

mpirun -partition xxxxx -free wait

but I found that it didn't work, but it free'd when I typed 'exit'

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