[Tau-announcements] New versions of TAU, PDT, LiveDVD released!

Sameer Shende sameer at cs.uoregon.edu
Fri Jul 9 10:03:18 PDT 2010


	We are pleased to announce the release of TAU v2.19.2, PDT v3.16 and the POINT VI-HPS LiveDVD:


The following new features have been added since TAU 2.19.1 released on March 3, 2010.

1. tau_exec: Memory and I/O tracking tool.

We are introducing a new tool (tau_exec) that simplifies performance evaluation tasks and tracks POSIX I/O and memory usage using runtime pre-loading of wrapper libraries. It works on un-modified binaries under Linux:
Un-instrumented execution:
% mpirun -np 4 ./a.out
With tau_exec (tracking just MPI):
% mpirun -np 4 tau_exec ./a.out
Tracking I/O:
% mpirun -np 4 tau_exec -io ./a.out
Tracking Memory:
% mpirun -np 4 tau_exec -memory ./a.out

To track memory leaks,
% mpirun -np 4 tau_exec -memory ./a.out
% paraprof
Right click on a node -> "Show User Event Statistics Window" (Heap Memory Usage (in KB) shows the max heap memory used by the application).
To use a different configuration (say Makefile.tau-icpc-mpi-papi-pdt):
% mpirun -np 4 tau_exec -io -memory -T icpc,mpi,papi,pdt ./a.out
On IBM BG/P with Cobalt (ALCF), please use the -qsub option.

2. Support for sampling
TAU now has a prototype sampling infrastructure.  It can be used to generated
sampling based traces from the TAU measurement library.  These traces can be
processed and read into ParaProf to augment profile data collected via standard
measurement probes. This allows us to use hybrid probe and sampling based measurements. We would like to thank the HPCToolkit team at Rice for their help with the module for unwinding callstacks. For further details, please refer to:
"Design and Implementation of a Hybrid Parallel Performance Measurement System," - A. Morris, A. Malony, S. Shende, K. Huck, Proc. ICPP 2010.

3. New Platforms
This release has a preliminary port to the Cray XMT platform. Please configure TAU with -arch=crayxmt on the Cray XMT.

4. ParaProf
Paraprof improves the support for reading gprof data. It has improvements in the new 3D and 2D communication matrix displays (set TAU_COMM_MATRIX=1 environment variable to generate this data).

5. PerfExplorer
We feature a new pane in perfexplorer to create derived metrics.

6. Eclipse support
TAU's performance tools plugin for Eclipse/PTP works with PAPI 4.x using the updated papi_xml_event_info.

7. Binry Rewriting
TAU now supports rewriting both static and dynamic binaries using DyninstAPI [http://www.dyninst.org]. This release improves support for Intel compilers for binary re-writing.

PDT v3.16 released
PDT 3.16 features updates to the gfortran parser and improvements to the C++ standard C++ headers and support for Cray XMT headers.

The POINT VI-HPS LiveDVD [http://tau.uoregon.edu/point.iso] now supports the DOE ACTS collection (http://acts.nersc.gov). This includes the following packages in /usr/local/ACTS:

* PETSc v3.0.0-p12
* Trilinos v10.2.2
* Hypre v2.0.0
* Sundials v2.4.0
* SuperLU v2.4
* Scalapack v1.8.0
* TAO v1.10-p1
* Global Arrays v4.3
* Slepc v3.0.0-p7
* Metis v4.0
* ParMetis v3.1.1

There is a new tutorial on some of these packages (Vecpar 10) and also a workshop-acts directory with examples of using these numerical packages. The TotalView license is also updated on the DVD.

	Please let us know if we may assist you further.
	- Sameer
	(for tau-team @ cs.uoregon.edu)

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