[Tau-announcements] TAU v2.21.4 released

Sameer Shende sameer at cs.uoregon.edu
Tue Sep 18 16:43:49 PDT 2012


	We are pleased to announce the release of TAU v2.21.4, and the HPC Linux LiveDVD:


The following new features have been added since TAU v2.21.3 released on July 12, 2012.

1. TAU support for tracking UPC runtime

TAU's wrapper generation tool (tau_wrap) now supports the generation of UPC runtime wrapper libraries. Using this framework, we have built UPC runtime wrapper libraries for the Cray CCE compiler, the Berkeley UPC compiler (upcc), and the GNU UPC (gupc) compiler. These are automatically installed when the user specifies the UPC compiler during configuration. To use the runtime library support, please use the -optTrackUPCR option and use the tau_upc.sh compiler script to compile the applications:
% setenv TAU_OPTIONS '-optTrackUPCR -optVerbose...'
% setenv TAU_MAKEFILE <taudir>/<arch>/lib/Makefile.tau-...
% tau_upc.sh app.upc -o app

TAU also supports source level instrumentation of fence, barrier, notify, and forall UPC constructs (see examples/upc). TAU uses linker level instrumentation for the wrapper libraries. For Cray CNL systems, TAU includes support for tracking DMAPP calls in the UPC compiler wrapper. This allows for full source, runtime, and system library coverage for UPC programs.

2. Support for MPC
TAU provides preliminary support for the MPC (MultiProcessor Computing http://mpc.sourceforge.net/) framework. To use this, please configure TAU with the -c++=mpc_cxx -cc=mpc_cc -fortran=mpc_f77 -pthread flags. PDT, MPI, and pthread level instrumentation is supported. While running the instrumented application, please use the same number of processes as threads for this release. TAU support is tested with MPC v2.3.1.

3. Support for LLVM
TAU supports the LLVM compiler framework (www.llvm.org) with support for compiler-based instrumentation. This cross-platform Clang compiler works with TAU on the Mac OS X as well as Linux platforms.

4. Support for new platforms: Fujitsu FX10
TAU supports the Fujitsu FX10 (K computer) platform with the special -arch=sparc64fx flag. To use TAU on the FX10 system, please configure TAU using:
./configure -pdt=<path_to_pdt> -pdtarchdir=x86_64 -pdt_c++=g++ -arch=sparc64fx -c++=mpiFCCpx -cc=mpifccpx -fortran=mpifrtpx -mpi ; make install

The TAU team would like to thank Fujitsu, U. Tokyo, and Kyushu University for their support and contributions to the TAU project.

5. Support for a generic MPI compilers
Until now, users needed to configure TAU with the -mpilibrary=<flags> option while configuring TAU for non-standard MPI configurations. Now, they may configure TAU using the -c++=mpicxx -cc=mpicc -fortran=mpif90 flags instead.

6. Low overhead runtime
We have added an experimental TAU_LITE=1 runtime parameter to reduce the runtime overhead of the TAU measurement library. Throttling is not supported in this configuration.

7. Computing mean in PerfDMF, PerfExplorer
While ParaProf provides two ways to compute mean (divide by N, or divide by total # of threads that called a given routine), perfdmf_loadtrial did not support this. Now, perfdmf_loadtrial features a -z flag for supporting this alternative mechanism for computing mean while loading the profiles to the database.

8. Opari Enhancements
TAU supports Opari v1.0.5 in this release. It also includes a new TAU_OPTIONS flag (-optOpariLibs=<list_of_instrumented_libraries>) that the user must specify if the executable uses multiple Opari instrumented libraries for initialization of OpenMP regions.  (e.g., http://www.tau.uoregon.edu/tau-wiki/QMCPACK_Vesta)

9. Topology visualization for Cray XE6 Torus
ParaProf's 3D visualization now support the visualization of the performance of a given event on the underlying Cray XE torus topology, including support for a wraparound torus display. Please refer to etc/topology/README.cray_map.

10. CUPTI and PAPI enhancements
TAU supports the latest CUPTI and PAPI v5.0 features in this release.

11. HPC Linux LiveDVD/OVA
The HPCLinux LiveDVD features TAU and other tools from our VI-HPS partners (www.vi-hps.org) and the DOE ACTS collection of numerical libraries and tools (acts.nersc.gov). This 64 bit version of the LiveDVD and OVA file that may be downloaded from:

12. SC'12
The TAU team will be at SC'12 in Salt Lake City.  Join us at:

J. Vetter, A. Malony, P. Roth, K. Spafford, J. Meredith, "Scalable Heterogeneous Computing on GPU Clusters," Tutorial, Sunday, Nov 11, 2012, 8:30am - 5pm.

B. Tibbits, G. Watson, J. Alameda, J. Overbey, "Developing and Tuning Parallel Scientific Applications in Eclipse," Tutorial, Monday, Nov 12, 2012, 8:30am - 5pm.

Extreme Scale Performance Tools, Workshop, Friday, Nov. 16, 2012, 8:30am - 12:30pm.

   Please let us know if we may assist you with our tools in any way.
   - Sameer
  (for tau-team@ cs.uoregon.edu)

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