[Tau-announcements] New versions of TAU Commander, TAU, PDT, HPCLinux released

Sameer Shende sameer at cs.uoregon.edu
Mon Nov 13 07:17:54 PST 2017

        We are pleased to announce the release of:
1. TAU Commander v1.3 [http://taucommander.paratools.com]
2. TAU v2.27 [http://tau.uoregon.edu]
3. PDT v3.25 [https://www.cs.uoregon.edu/research/pdt/], and 
4. HPCLinux OVA [http://www.hpclinux.org]

        TAU Commander is released under a BSD-style license by ParaTools, Inc.
It provides an intuitive performance engineering workflow using TAU and provides 
a single command - tau - for all tasks such as installation, re-configuration,
building instrumented executables, trace processing, and launching paraprof, Vampir [vampir.eu],
Jumpshot, and other analysis tools. It also provides platform specific tarballs for 
TAU and third party libraries. The typical workflow is:

tau --help
tau init --help
tau init --mpi
tau dashboard
tau mpicxx foo.cpp -o foo
tau mpirun -np 256 ./foo
tau show

        TAU v2.27 includes the following enhancements since TAU v2.26.3 released on Aug 25, 2017:
1. New JOGL2 support in paraprof and perfexplorer's 3D profile browsers. This update includes 64 bit support under all platforms (including Mac OS X). Updated support for 3D topology displays for Cray XC platform.
2. Support for Mac OS X with PDT, Event Based Sampling (EBS), MPI, and Compiler-based instrumentation.
3. Updated binary rewriters for MAQAO (tau_rewrite), and PEBIL (tau_pebil_rewrite) in PDT v3.25.
4. The first release of a new pycoolr GUI for online performance evaluation using BEACON (configure -beacon=download) and SOS Flow (configure -sos=download). See examples/sos.
5. Updated support for DyninstAPI v9.3.2.
6. Added support for LIKWID [https://hpc.fau.de/research/tools/likwid/] to access low-level performance counter information in TAU (configure -likwid=download; export TAU_METRICS=TIME,LIKWID_<metric>).
7. Updated MPI support for SGI MPT. Updated support for MPI_T and MPI collective operations in TAU's MPI wrapper.
8. Added preliminary support for NVIDIA CUDA 9.0 and NVLink.
9. Added support for the Caliper API [https://github.com/LLNL/Caliper] in TAU.
10. TAU supports native generation of OTF2 traces for use with Vampir (configure -otf=download; export TAU_TRACE=1; export TAU_TRACE_FORMAT=otf2). This works with callsite profiling (export TAU_CALLSITE=1) with MPI and OpenSHMEM to show where an individual call was invoked in the source code.

        If you are attending SC17 [http://sc17.supercomputing.org], please stop by the DOE Booth (#613) on Tuesday, November 14, 2017 at 11am MST to see a demo of the above tools.

        Please let us know if we may assist you with TAU in any way.
	- Sameer 
	(for tau-team @ U. Oregon and ParaTools, Inc.)

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