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BUILDING TAU windows release

  • Connect to
  • Open cygiwn termial and navagate to /home/tau/tau
  • run: <version, ie 2.23>

It will build a new relase of TAU for the windows platform.

  • verify that the build was successfully by checking for

In tau2/win32/lib

Steps the script takes

1. Gets the tar ball from the web server: the tar ball must be present here before the script can continue.

2. Compiles TAU using the 'Makefile.win32', Hint if there is compiler errors it is often helpful to run the make command directly, see '2-build.bat'.

3. Compiling was successful if tau-profile.dll, tau-profile.exp, tau-profile.lib, tau-profile-static.lib, tau-profile-static-mt.lib were all created in tau2/win32/lib.

4. 'makensis' is used to create the final exe with the installer.

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