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Grid Environment and Methods for Integrated Neuro-Imaging

Technology Preview Warning - GEMINI has not yet been released
The GEMINI software is still being prepared for release and the website is still under development. Interfaces and implementation presented here are subject to change.
Overview of the GEMINI Project 
  The GEMINI project is developing software and techniques to assist the neuroinformatic research at the NIC, the University of Oregon, and the research community in general. This software allows existing and new computational code to be presented as Grid Services via the Globus WS-Core Toolkit. In addition, GEMINI provides ways to invoke these Grid Services in a coordinated way to develop powerful workflow applications.
Software Components of GEMINI 
  GEMINI is an ensemble of libraries, tools, and services that provides an robust and open environment for developing distributed applications in the neuroimaging domain. More information on the different software provided by GEMINI can be found at GEMINI Software.
Usage Scenarios 
  The GEMINI software is intended to be used as middleware in the building of larger systems or the integration of existing systems and services. Examples of some of the ways that GEMINI can be used can be found in Examples of GEMINI Usage.
WSRF and GEMINI Resources 
  GEMINI uses the WSRF standard to present data and services as resources available via Web Services. More information on the GEMINI resources can be found at WSRF and GEMINI Resources.
Downloading, Installing, Building, and Using GEMINI 
  The GEMINI software is currently in a Technology Preview state of release. Which means that some of the interface details may change and much of the implementation may still change. However, we believe that it is sufficiently powerful and useful enough for us to begin using it for other NIC research projects. We are encouraging outside users to take a peek and give us feedback to guide future GEMINI development. Information on obtaining, installing and using GEMINI can be found at Obtaining GEMINI.
  There is a GEMINI Architecture Document, as well as GEMINI User's guide available at GEMINI Documentation.
Related Links 
  GEMINI builds upon several open sources and standards. Information about these can be found at:
  Globus Toolkit 4
  Web Services Resource Framework