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January 25 2010

PerfSuite 1.0.0 alpha 4 released

  • Updated for compatibility with PAPI version 4.
  • Numerous enhancements to the psprocess utility (Java version).
  • A redesign of the Java metric calculation API for efficiency.
  • Additional bug fixes and enhancements.

October 28 2009

PerfSuite 1.0.0 alpha 3 released

  • A new Java-based version of the "psprocess" command (the existing Tcl version is still available).
  • A new JVMTI-based Java agent called "psjrun" for performance measurement of unmodified Java programs. This is the Java analogue of PerfSuite's "psrun" command.

August 31 2009

PerfSuite 1.0.0 alpha 2 released

  • New Java API for performance measurement of Java programs.
  • New support for calculation of derived metrics via a Java API that interprets metric definitions encoded in PerfSuite format.
  • Expanded support for generation of Cube files; now supports parallel runs.

July 10 2009

Scalasca 1.2 released Includes improved support for OpenMP & hybrid MPI/OpenMP codes, MPI File I/O analysis, PGI compilers, Cray XT & NEC-SX, a new User Guide, and numerous other bug fixes & improvements.

CUBE 3.2 released Stand-alone distribution of the graphical user interface component of Scalasca 1.2.

June 22 2009

POINT LiveDVD now points to the latest version of the LiveDVD used in POINT training workshops. It adds support for the latest releases of PAPI, TAU, VampirTrace, and Scalasca and features workshop examples for VampirTrace and Scalasca.

May 15 2009

TAU v2.18.2 released

March 4 2009

Perfsuite 1.0.0 alpha 1 released

  • Introduction of Java-based software into PerfSuite, with the first component being a Java package for programmatic access to data contained in PerfSuite-generated XML documents.
  • PerfSuite can now generate output files suitable for use with the Cube visualization tool. Cube is part of Scalasca, a set of open source software tools for scalable performance analysis.

January 23 2009

Support for Intel Core i7 (Nehalem) PAPI now supports Intel's new Core i7 (Nehalem) processor.

January 22 2009

TAU v2.18.1 released

TAU can now interface with PGI's runtime library and extract performance information associated with kernels that execute on the GPGPUs. TAU tracks the interactions with the GPGPU as seen from the host and generates the performance data. This data includes the name of the routine, file, line number as well as block and grid sizes and individual variable names. This feature works with PGI 8.0.3+ compilers that support the #acc region/end region directives. These source annotations may be placed around loops to automatically generate GPGPU code that executes on CUDA enabled NVidia cards. Users do not need to write any GPGPU specific code explicity. Instead, they use a compiler flag (-ta=nvidia) to generate this code using a special add-on package with the PGI compiler.

This release improves support for Charm++ and NAMD. We have a wiki page that describes how to build and use TAU with NAMD.

November 10 2008

The POINT team will have a large presence at SuperComputing 2008 including our full day tutorial Monday (8:30am-5:00pm) and our BOF presentation on Tuesday (12:15pm-1:15pm).

You can also find our team at their respective booths:

* National Center for Supercomputing Applications (booth 351)
* University of Oregon at the NNSA ASC (booth 521)
* Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center (booth 741)

June 9th 2008

We have a put together a Poster (PDF) for TeraGrid '08, it provides a good introduction to the POINT project.

March 21st 2008

HPC wire has written an article about our project, here is the link.

February 8th 2008

The first iteration of the website has been deployed; take a look around and learn more about our project.