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Previous Workshops

We have previously taught workshops and tutorials at SC'08, LCI'09, ICCS 2009, TeraGrid'09, SC '09, LCI'10, and SC'10.

Workshop Materials

The POINT LiveDVD which contains lecture slides, tool software, and workshop examples, is available here. You can use the LiveDVD to boot your computer with a patched Linux kernel that can access the processor hardware counters.


The TAU Portal is an extension of the TAU Performance System. The Portal is designed to help users manage their high-performance computing applications and performance data, and to facilitate collaboration with performance analysis experts. Using the Portal, you can create a password-protected workspace that will be accessible only to you and your colleagues. You may upload performance data from any of the POINT tools, as well as some third-party tools, into your workspace. The sidebar of thePortal now has a ParaProf launcher button that will show you all the performance data in the workspace in one ParaProf window. You can log comments, experiment notes, or performance questions directly on the Portal to be shared with your colleagues.

Go to the TAU Portal to create an account, login, or see the demo.