Conference Program

Tuesday, October 7th

Note: All Tuesday events will be held at the Eugene Hilton.

07:30 − 09:00 Registration, Breakfast
Full Day OpenSHMEM Users Group []
09:00 − 9:15 Welcome
Stephen Poole / Manjunath Gorentla Venkata
09:15 − 10:00
Paper Session One
Session Chair: Oscar Hernandez / Pavel Shamis
Aurelien Bouteiller, Thomas Herault and George Bosilca
A Multithreaded Communication Substrate for OpenSHMEM Paper PDF
Jeff Hammond
Towards a matrix-oriented strided interface in OpenSHMEM Paper PDF
Tomislav Janjusic, Pavel Shamis, Manjunath Gorentla Venkata and Stephen W. Poole
OpenSHMEM Reference Implementation using UCCS-uGNI Transport Layer Paper PDF
10:00 − 10:30 Coffee Break
10:30 − 12:00
Paper Session Two
Session Chair: Nicholas Park
James Dinan and Mario Flajslik
One-Sided Append: A New Communication Paradigm For PGAS Models Paper PDF
Pavel Shamis, Swaroop Pophale, Manjunath Gorentla Venkata, Stephen W. Poole, Michael Dubman, Richard Graham, Dror Goldenberg and Gilad Shainer
Development and Extension of Atomic Memory Operations in OpenSHMEM Paper PDF
Gabriele Jost, Ulf Hanebutte and James Dinan
Multi-Threaded OpenSHMEM: A Bad Idea? Paper PDF
Latchesar Ionkov and Ginger Young
Asymmetric Memory Extension for OpenSHMEM Paper PDF
Pengfei Hao, Pavel Shamis, Manjunath Gorentla Venkata, Swaroop Pophale, Aaron Welch, Stephen W. Poole and Barbara Chapman
Fault Tolerance for OpenSHMEM Paper PDF
12:00 − 13:00 Lunch
13:00 − 13:30
Paper Session Three
Session Chair: Manjunath Gorentla Venkata
Mingzhe Li, Jian Lin, Xiaoyi Lu, Khaled Hamidouche, Karen Tomko and Dhabaleswar K. Panda
Scalable MiniMD Design with Hybrid MPI and OpenSHMEM Paper PDF
Khaled Ibrahim
Efficient Interoperability of OpenSHMEM on Multicore Architectures Paper PDF
13:30 − 14:30
Invited Talks
Session Chair: Pavel Shamis
Yossi Etigin: Mellanox Technologies
Scalable Hardware Atomics over DC transport
Sreeram Potluri: NVIDIA
TOC-centric Communication: A Case Study with NVSHMEM
14:30 − 15:00
OpenSHMEM Organization
Stephen Poole / Oscar Hernandez / Pavel Shamis: Oak Ridge National Laboratory
15:00 − 15:30 Coffee Break
15:30 − 17:00
OpenSHMEM 1.2 Specification Discussion
17:00 − 17:15
Stephen Poole / Oscar Hernandez

Wednesday, October 8th

All Wednesday events except the conference dinner will be held at the Eugene Hilton.

07:30 − 08:30 Registration, Breakfast
08:30 − 09:15 Intel Xeon Phi for PGAS tutorial (open to everyone, sponsored by Intel)
Jeff Hammond
Hands-on login information & Overview of HW/SW landscape for PGAS
09:15 − 10:00 Intel Xeon Phi for PGAS tutorial
Charles Archer
10:00 − 10:30 Coffee Break
10:30 − 11:15 Intel Xeon Phi for PGAS tutorial
Jim Dinan and Gabi Jost
11:15 − 12:00 Intel Xeon Phi for PGAS tutorial
Yili Zheng
12:00 − 13:30 Lunch
13:30 − 14:15 Intel Xeon Phi for PGAS tutorial
DK Panda, OSU
14:15 − 15:00 Intel Xeon Phi for PGAS tutorial
MVAPICH2-X hands-on activities
15:00 − 15:30 Coffee Break
15:30 − 16:15 Intel Xeon Phi for PGAS tutorial
MPI-3 and OSHMPI hands-on
16:15 − 17:00 Intel Xeon Phi for PGAS tutorial
Open hands-on
17:00 − 17:45 Break
17:45 Drive to Conference Dinner, Buses leave from Eugene Hilton
18:30 − 22:00 Conference Dinner (For Registered Conference Attendees)
22:00 − 22:30 Buses return to Eugene Hilton

Thursday, October 9th

Note: All Thursday events will be held at the Eugene Hilton.

07:30 − 08:30
Registration Open, Breakfast
08:40 − 08:45
Welcome and Introduction
Conference Chair: Allen D. Malony
08:45 − 09:00
Presentation of plaque and introduction of keynote speaker
Steven R. Seidel (1951 - 2014) (PDF)
Lauren L. Smith
09:00 − 10:15 Keynote Address 1
Kathy Yelick of UC Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
From Exascale to Exadata with PGAS Programming
10:15 − 10:30 Coffee Break
10:30 − 12:00
PGAS Runtime Systems
Miao Luo, Kayla Seager, Karthik Murthy, Charles Archer, Sayantan Sur and Sean Hefty
Early Evaluation of Scalable Fabric Interface for PGAS Programming Models Paper PDF
Ruediger Willenberg and Paul Chow
A Heterogeneous GASNet Implementation for FPGA-accelerated Computing Paper PDF
Huan Zhou, Yousri Mhedheb, Kamran Idrees, Colin Glass, Jose Gracia, Karl Fürlinger and Jie Tao
DART-MPI: An MPI-based Implementation of a PGAS Runtime System Paper PDF
12:00 − 13:30
13:30 − 15:00
PGAS Implementations
Alessandro Fanfarillo, Tobias Burnus, Valeria Cardellini, Salvatore Filippone, Dan Nagle and Damian Rouson
OpenCoarrays: open-source transport layers supporting coarray Fortran compilers Paper PDF
Vivek Kumar, Yili Zheng, Vincent Cavé, Zoran Budimlic ́ and Vivek Sarkar
HabaneroUPC++: a Compiler-free PGAS Library Paper PDF
Hartmut Kaiser, Thomas Heller, Bryce Adelstein-Lelbach, Adrian Serio and Dietmar Fey
HPX - A Task Based Programming Model in a Global Address Space Paper PDF
15:00 − 15:30 Coffee Break
15:30 − 17:00
PGAS-X panel session on hardware and software technologies for threading issues with PGAS
Moderator: Oscar Hernandez: ORNL
Lauren Smith: DoD, Bill Long: Cray, Pavel Shamis: ORNL, Yossi Etigin: Mellanox
17:00 − 17:30 Break and poster setup
17:30 − 18:30 Poster session and refreshments on the ground floor of the Hilton
18:30 − 21:30 Dinner at the Vistas I room on the top floor of the Hilton

Friday, October 10th

Note: All Friday events will be held at the Eugene Hilton.

07:30 − 08:45
Registration Open, Breakfast
West Conference Center Lobby, Wilder
08:45 − 09:00
Opening Remarks and Introduction to PGAS 2015
Upcoming PGAS Activities (PDF)
Lauren Smith
09:00 − 10:15 Keynote Address 2
10:15 − 10:30 Coffee Break
10:30 − 12:00
PGAS Applications
Jithin Jose, Sreeram Potluri, Hari Subramoni, Xiaoyi Lu, Khaled Hamidouche, Karl Schulz, Hari Sundar and Dhabaleswar Panda
Designing Scalable Out-of-core Sorting with Hybrid MPI+PGAS Programming Models Paper PDF
Hongzhang Shan, Amir Kamil, Samuel Williams, Yili Zheng and Katherine Yelick
Evaluation of PGAS Communication Paradigms With Geometric Multigrid Paper PDF
Andrew Mallinson, Wayne Gaudin, Andy Herdman and Stephen Jarvis
Experiences at scale with PGAS versions of a Hydrodynamics Application Paper PDF
12:00 − 13:30
13:30 − 15:00
OpenSHMEM Developments
James Dinan and Mario Flajslik
Contexts: A Mechanism for High Throughput Communication in OpenSHMEM Paper PDF
Aaron Welch, Swaroop Pophale, Pavel Shamis, Oscar Hernandez, Stephen Poole, Barbara Chapman and Manju Gorentla
OpenSHMEM Teams with Spaces Paper PDF
Naveen Namashivayam, Sayan Ghosh, Dounia Khaldi, Deepak Eachempati and Barbara Chapman
Native Mode-Based Optimizations of Remote Memory Accesses in OpenSHMEM for Intel Xeon Phi (Best Paper) Paper PDF
15:00 − 15:30 Coffee Break
15:30 − 17:00
Compilers and tools
Aroon Sharma, Darren Smith, Joshua Koehler, Rajeev Barua and Michael Ferguson
Affine Loop Optimization Based on Modulo Unrolling in Chapel Paper PDF
Tatsuya Abe and Toshiyuki Maeda
Optimization of a General Model Checking Framework for Various Memory Consistency Models Paper PDF
Siddhartha Jana, Joseph Schuchart and Barbara Chapman
Analysis of Energy and Performance of Code Transformations for PGAS-based Data Access Patterns Paper PDF